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WAKE UP! [17 Jan 2006|02:38pm]
[ mood | amused ]

This journal, and indeed this band, has been dormant for too long. We should definitely stage a revival, especially considering our debut festival performance at 'Glastonbury' this year. T in the Park is also a prime promo opportunity... so where are you all? Post here, dammit! And in your community! :P
So here's to more insane promo, and many repeat performances of 'Hit Me baby One More Time' - the acoustic version.

~ Bex

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[16 Nov 2004|11:17am]
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We have been told.
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Promo Outing at Reading Festival [29 Oct 2004|06:14pm]
To close the festival season, part of Skankamuffin went to Reading on Saturday, and decided to turn it into a bit of a promo outing whilst we were at it, by making a Skankamuffin flag at 3am the preceding night.

The flag was recieved well ans we are already beginning to build up a fanbase...

Here's some comments we recieved from festival-goers lucky enough to speak to us.


"What does the flag say?"

"What does your flag say?"
"Skankamuffin. Its our band"
"I like it. Its confusing, but I like it"

"Skankamuffin. I like your work."

"Aaaahhh...Skankamuffin. Hello."

"Wow your flag is sooo cool! Can i hold it?!" *holds flag gratefully for a few minutes, gives it back and wanders off on awe after thanking us*

"Whats the flag for?" *we explain, plus explain our lack of actually playing anything yet, but we have five albums*
"Well you're really doing well with the promotion."

*from one especially unobservant party, who was with the band for a lot of the day, at about 12 pm whilst looking confused*"So what does the flag actually say then?"
"Skankamuffin, it's our band. How can you not have noticed what the flag says yet??!!"

*Franz Ferdinand were also spotted looking at our flag in a state of discombobulation during their fantastic set*

*During Razorlight's set, the flag appeared on the big screen as Johnny made a trip across to see the fans*

And on our way back...
"Whats the flag for?"
We explain.
"Do you have any CDs with you?"
We explain that no, we have five album titles and no songs yet.
General conversation ensues. As they leave: "Well good luck with your band!"

Look out for Skankamuffin next year on the festival circuit, as whilst we're actually writing our songs, we will be doing yet more early promotion at Glastonbury, Reading and V festivals.
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WELCOME [06 Oct 2004|07:01pm]

Welcome to the first post, ever, for SKANKAMUFFIN.
Skankamuffin consists of (in alphabetical order so there's no fighting):

More from the band soon.

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